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Join Our Production House

Throughout 2023, based in Croydon , South London, we will be giving young people aged between 14 and 25 the chance to join   our BMETVFM Production House. 

Youth Music

Thanks to the support of Youth Music we will be looking to  support talented music individuals  to design and/or create music . To offer Information and guidance regarding the music industry so that they understand the Business Side of the Music Industry.

Our Production House Team will ensure that every Young Person will be matched with an opportunity depending on their desire and suitability. There will be talent development opportunities both in front and behind the scenes.

If you are interested in securing your FREE place contact our President now for further details 

Handball Competition & Skills, Ealing November 2017

This event held in Ealing, West London in November l 2017, took place on a weekly basis for 6 weeks and introduced Handball to all of the 11-16 year olds who attended for the first time.

Handball Ealing

Handball Ealing



Radio Broadcasting Workshop, Southwark, February 2017

This workshop held in Southwark, South East London from 8-10 February 2017, that helped participants understand the basics of producing a LIVE Radio Show which they are currently doing weekly working with the Jimmy Asher Foundation to produce “ Young Voices” weekly on ONTOP Radio, an internet based Radio station.

Radio Broadcasting Workshop, Hackney



Help Us to Complete and Shape the Black & Asian Story in The UK

Thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund, we now have a dedicated Online Channel that provides Black History and Heritage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and not just in October. For the first time there is an Online platform to  tell the story of Asians in the UK between 1950 and 2010. Please visit – it’s 100% free.

Now we want to complete the 20th Century story of the BAME in the UK by focussing on the period 1900-1949  but we need your help. This period covers of two world wars. It also covers the creation of new organisations that are still around today that helped to improve the welfare of Black people and Asian people in the UK. And of course it covers the surge in the black immigrant after the arrival of HMT Empire Windrush.

So how can you help ?

Over the next few months , we will be putting on Community Consultation Events to find out what you would like from Our Heritage TV. We want to find out what more we can do to tell our heritage better and involve YOU directly in shaping how we tell this story in the future. You do not have to be an expert to give your views - all we want to know about is your own story as someone with an interest in the history and experience of Black and Asian people in the UK. Have a look at the planned events and come to one that is near you. These events are free, they are informal and you do not have to register, stay for the whole event – just pop in and help us change the story for good.    

Community Consultation
12th May 2016

Parchmore Methodist Church, 53 Parchmore Rd, Thornton Heath CR7 8LY

Community Consultation
8th June 2016

Bernie Grant Arts Centre
Tottenham green enterprise centre, Town Hall Approach Rd, London N15 4RX

Community Consultation
14th September 2016

The Abbey Centre, 4 Great Smith St, Westminster, London SW1P 3BU 

Community Consultation
12 December 2016

Northfield Community Centre, 65 Northcroft Rd, London W13 9SS

Community consultation



Radio Broadcasting Workshop, Hackney, September 2016

This workshop held in Hackney, South London from January 2016 was a 6 week programme that helped participants understanding the basics of producing a LIVE Radio Show later in the Summer.

Radio Broadcasting Workshop, Hackney



Handball Competition & Skills, Croydon April 2016

This event held in Croydon , South London in April 2016, took place on a weekly basis for 6 weeks and introduced Handball to all of the 11-16 year olds who attended for the first time.

Handball Croydon

Handball Croydon



Handball Competition & Skills, Lewisham April 2016

This event held in Lewisham , South London in April 2016, took place on a weekly basis for 6 weeks and introduced Handball to all of the 11-16 year olds who attended for the first time.

Handball Lewisham

Handball Lewisham



Handball Drills & Skills, Merton, April 2016

This event held in Merton , South London in April 2016, took place on a weekly basis for 6 weeks and was one of three programmes held for 11-16 year olds from April 2016.

Handball Merton

Handball Merton



Basketball Competition & Skills, Tower Hamlets October 2014

This event held in Tower Hamlets , East London in October 2014, attracted over 70 participants in the packed Swanlea School Hall

Basketball Tower Hamlets



Basketball Competition & Skills, Merton October 2014

This event held in Merton, South London in October 2014, was a very popular tournament and attracted over 12 teams and 50 plus players.

Basketball Merton



B2B Basketball - Swanlea School, Tower Hamlets 2014

A multi-faceted event centred around basketball coaching & 2on2 competition played on a half court.

The event combined live performers and motivational speakers. The aim is to use sport to encourage fitness and changes in lifestyle. To help achieve this, attendees could access advice and support services on site.

Click here to play video



B2B Basketball Merton Easter Competitions 2014

Want to have fun, learn to play basketball and compete?

Basketball Merton



Music Workshop, Croydon, February 2013

This workshop held in Croydon, South London in February 2013, was designed to help young people gain confidence and new skills by learning how to produce music and learn how it could be the first step in a pathway into the music industry.

Music Workshop, Croydon

Music Workshop, Croydon



Music Workshop, Wandsworth, January 2012

This workshop held in Wandsworth , South London in January 2012, was designed to help young people gain confidence and new skills by learning how to produce music and learn how it could be the first step in the pathway to the music industry.

Music Workshop, Wandsworth

Music Workshop, Wandsworth



B2B Basketball "Half Courts in Croydon"

One of the first B2B Basketball events that we organised using a format that we bought to the UK in an organised competition format.

This event took place at the Archbishop Lancfranc School in Croydon - April 2011

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One Goal Football – A Triple Success

One Goal Football is an innovative, specialist youth development programme supported by Help A London Child. It was aimed at getting boys at risk of exclusion into football in a positive way and learning to channel their aggression and to reduce conflict. The boys aged 11-18 years attended 3 events and whilst we were confident we would get 100 boys to take part we were astonished to have 219 participants.

The programme launched in March 2011 included super skills, drills and tournament play as the boys were introduced to a new concept of playing on the same side and yet still competing. BMETVFM hopes to take the project to stage two in 2012 with a dedicated League event in Hackney, North London.

One goal football

One goal football

One goal football



BMETVFM Appointed to Help Recruit 1,200 New Entrants to Broadcasting by the Time The Olympics Come to London.

Skillset, the Sector Skills Council for the Audio-Visual Industry have asked BMETVFM to take a leading role in their Host Olympic Broadcasting Project. The programme aims to achieve challenging targets providing work placements, qualifications and sustainable job opportunities. It will be created and managed by an industry led project board with Skillset acting as the accountable body. Partner organisations such as ITV, the BBC, Apple etc will be represented on the Board. There will also be extensive research and consultation with industry to establish anticipated skills, job opportunities and changes in Technology.


BMETVFM will help establish a programme that addresses these needs and issues while targeting London’s residents to meet the demand, focussing on supporting its diverse labour market and the areas around the 5 Olympic Host Boroughs.



Diversity into Broadcasting

In 2003 a year on from the publication of a damning industry report, senior figures involved with British Broadcasting made a serious of pledges designed to make a lasting difference.

Speaking at the BMETVFM launch event, Promoting Diversity in Broadcasting, marking the launch of the new strategic organisation, Black & Minority Ethnic Television, Film & Media(BMETVFM), The Minister for Media & Heritage, Lord McIntosh promised to work together to create new opportunities in the media for black and ethnic minorities. This included imposing tough penalties on broadcasters that do not deliver on targets for ethnic representation and a commitment to publicise the industries "Minorities Talent" Database which broadcasters should look into when commissioning new work.

Confirming the UK Film Council's £50m strategy, John Woodward Chief Executive Officer of the UK Film Council admitted the UK Film Industry was "stale, Male and Pale" and has already pledged to work with BME TVFM to develop the diversity strategy for the industry.



Cultural Diversity Network Feedback

In 2004, BMETVFM asked the Cultural Diversity Network ( the main broadcasters  internal forum on diversity issues ) to report back on how well it has been progressing. In thanking Awards for All for their sponsorship, Ewemade stated that the objective of this event is to see what difference the Cultural Diversity Network (CDN) has made since its inception in 2001 to: 

Women - 
The disabled - 
Ethnic minorities

An overview of progress made to date in the BBC, Channel 4 and ITV etc. The aim of this symposium was to set strategic objectives which could be monitored.



Introduction to Broadcasting

This UnLtd funded project targeted the gap in the current level of media training for people from certain refugee communities. Following the 2 day course each student was able to:

Identify 3 characteristics of newsworthy items
Create a 1-page news release for TV
Identify 5 technical procedures that impact on successful TV interviews
Deliver a 5-minute TV interview simulation

The project was delivered in association with Instant Impact Ltd.



Media Literacy for BME Groups and Individuals

Thanks to the support of the Awards For All , BME TVFM were able to organise a series of 4 media training courses for black and minority ethnic groups(BME) that focused focus on the portrayal of BME groups in the media and to provide a "route map" for obtaining better coverage, closer liaison with local and national press and to provide templates for individuals and organisations who may wish to contact the media. This may be to issue a Press Release, respond to a particular report or article, highlight a programme in a positive way or simply to raise awareness on a subject or person.



Don’t Fight Just Talk, 2008

Born in Brixton, the Don't Fight Just Talk (DFJT) movement addresses the need for young people to have the freedom to talk about the issues surrounding their lives in Britain today.

We are giving young people a voice through video, music and the media, and the confidence to express themselves through a TV show which is broadcast across major networks.

We want to change the perception of young people in our society and provide positive opportunities for change through our projects - giving young people the opportunity to get involved with real work experience and training.

For more information and to join please visit